Website Development and Deployment

We understand the importance of a website to every organization and the need for a professional look and feel that resonates with the sites’ visitors. We approach every website project differently, incorporating the values and objectives of our clients, by getting to know them better to communicate their message in words, images, look and feel.
User Experience and Information Architecture

Professionals in our trade, we recognize that User Experience (UX) can determine the success and failure of a website. After all, its primary purpose is to disseminate vital information about an organization and its services. As such, we design our websites in such a way that they are easy to navigate. Information is aesthetically organized to enable visitors locate the information they are looking for quickly. For us, an efficient website must be easy to use.

Responsive and Interactive

As software application developers with experience in mobile, we go beyond aesthetics in web design. We make sure our clients’ websites are easily accessible from a variety of device types. We take into consideration possible bandwidth limitations and design our websites to load quickly. With the addition of audio or video media, sliding interactions, or even scroll events, our websites provide a delightful layer of engagement for users.

Search Engine Optimization

After designing and deploying an aesthetically appealing website with vita information, it’s important that it can easily be found. Our design layouts allow for easy crawling of our sites by search engines. We also work hand in hand with our clients to inculcate the right keywords into their website content.

Cloud Solutions

We provide reliable and secure cloud hosting. Our work does not end with design alone but in ensuring the websites we design are professionally deployed and are always available to potential users. Always careful with our clients’ intellectual property, our cloud solutions are implemented with adequate security measures so sensitive data is kept truly private.

E- Commerce

Successful E-commerce websites are designed to connect users to products in a way that is easy, efficient and fast. At eKnowvate Solutions Limited, we create customized e- commerce websites with the various categories of users in mind. From the end user that knows what he is looking for to the shopper that is less tech savvy, our ecommerce websites imbibe a unified user interface. Our sites are designed to guide shoppers to desired products in simple steps, creating a fulfilling online shopping experience through our seamless check out processes.