Enterprise Software Applications

Central to our vision as a software development company is the delivery of customized solutions that aid businesses in the achievement of their goals. The larger an organization is, the greater the need for the automation of complex transaction processes to save cost and precious time. Our solutions are fully scalable, highly efficient and easy to manage. With integrated back office systems, organizations can enjoy seamless information flow. Managers can make decisions based on the current state of their business.

The eKnowvate Enterprise Solutions Suite offers a varied range of solutions.
Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM solutions give a full picture of complete sales cycles, funnels and trends. Daily business processes are fully automated allowing greater focus on marketing and sales. These solutions enable businesses track their opportunities pipeline in a few simple steps. Information is given in a visual form about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues. The scalability of these solutions make it a great management software for businesses of varying sizes.


Our Point of Sale solutions utilize visually appealing smart interfaces that everyone can use without difficulty. These solutions can be used both online and offline and are compatible with Android and IOS systems. Our POS solutions can be integrated with an establishment’s accounting systems. Transactions made with the POS are automatically imputed to the management’s accounting system. Extra features, such as the creation of invoices, can be integrated depending on the requirements of our clients’ businesses. As with most of our solutions, the eKnowvate Point of sales apps are scalable. This gives our clientele the option of using the full solution or opting for an application with just the basics features.

Supply - Chain Management

Our Supply-Chain Management Software provides superior industry-specific solutions and functionalities that give our clients full end-to-end supply chain automation. In built networking functions ensure that communication is seamless in organizations, not only internally but also with customers, partners and suppliers. The eKnowvate SCM Software enables companies attain the ultimate objective of satisfying customer needs and maximizing profitability. Any organization can make good on their promise of fast and efficient delivery of goods and services with our software!

Custom Software Development

Our services extend to fully customized software development. eKnowvate’s in house development team are highly skilled at developing software that align with our clients’ business goals, corporate procedures and internal processes. We help organizations maximize their profit earnings by saving precious man hours with our automated suite of solutions.